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Hair Extensions

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You don’t have to keep dreaming of incredible hair, you can have it!

Imagine you have the perfect length, incredible body, long lasting styles and enhanced color options all while having to wash less and enjoy your hair more. With custom luxury hand-tied extensions it’s more than possible.

If you’re ready for your own hair transformation please fill out my Extension Pre-Consultation Form to schedule a free no obligation consultation. Once you have submitted your form, I will reach out to you personally to schedule an in-person consultation where we will discuss your lifestyle, maintenance and hair goals. Once we have determined if extensions are a good fit for you, we will set your appointment to install and blend your extensions to perfection!

Why Hair Extensions?

Experience transformation

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All you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included at my first extension appointment? Great question! Your first extension appointment will include the following:

  • 100% Human hand-tied hair extensions
  • Customized color of hair extensions. (Please note that any coloring that needs to be done to your natural hair will need to be booked separately and additionally)
  • Installation of extensions
  • Specialized cut in order to blend extensions
  • Styling of extensions
  • Take home care guide & gift

A 50% non-refundable retainer is required to hold your hair extension appointment. This retainer goes towards the cost of your first appointment. The remaining balance is due the day of your service.

Returning guests can expect to have their extensions moved up every 6-10 weeks. (Typically 1-3 rows depending on your desired look) This includes removing grown out extensions and re-installing the hair and dry styling.

* The extension move-up appointment does not include color, shampoo/style or new hair. If you would like to book for color or a shampoo they can be booked in addition to your extension move-up appointment.

Hand-tied hair extensions actually refers to the type of hair extension weft that is being used, however there are several methods of application for these hair extensions.

Cost can vary quite a bit depending on what your goal is and what look you are trying to achieve, in short you can expect anywhere from 700-3200 for your extension hair. For a more accurate price quote please schedule an extension consultation.

Typically 1-1.5hrs per row of extensions.

If any custom coloring of your hair needs to be done, additional time will be needed.

Hand tied extensions need to be moved up every 6-10 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. At home care is easy if you have the right tools and products! After your hair extension service, you will receive a take home gift and a Hair Extension Care Guide with tips and tricks to help you successfully manage your extensions at home.

The extensions are taken out and moved up every 6-10 weeks. The hair itself can last 6 months to 1 year if properly maintained and quality products are used.

Yes! I will make several product suggestions for you based on your styling needs at your appointment. Number one being a high quality silicone-free oil for your extension hair.

Absolutely! One of my favorite things about Invisible Bead Extensions®️ is their complete versatility, flexibility, and invisibility from every angle. You can wear your hair up in a ponytail right after install if you’d like.

Yes. I recommend wetting your hair with clean water first if you are planning on getting your hair wet in the pool or ocean. Blondes, pay special attention to rinsing your hair after the pool as well. Chlorine and other chemicals can discolor your blonde hair. I also recommend keeping your hair in a loose braid while swimming to prevent any excessive tangling.

Great question! The available lengths of hand-tied extensions are 14″ 16″ 18″ 20″ 22″ & 24″ 

The length that can be seamlessly installed into your natural hair will depend on a number of factors which will be discussed at your consultation.


New Install Pricing

What to expect

What to know for your initial appointment

1. Extension Type

I choose to work exclusively with companies that Ethically Source their 100% Human hand-tied extension hair.

2. Custom for You

We will create a customized color to ensure a perfect color blend between hair extensions and your natural hair.

3. Installation

Next, we will determine your personalized placement and fine-tuned installation of extensions to meet your specific needs.

4. Cut & Style

Then I will provide a specialized cut in order to blend extensions and we will finish with styling of extensions + natural hair.

5. Extension Knowledge

Lastly, you'll receive a home care guide to help you successfully care for your extensions at home along with a special take-home gift!


Keep your hair looking fresh

Maintaining Extensions

Brush hair thoroughly multiple times per day. With your free hand, keep pressure on the base of your extensions to eliminate unnecessary tension and pulling while you brush.

#1 Use a professional grade oil or serum through ends once per day on dry hair.

#2 Always use quality sulfate free hair care products. I highly recommend the entire Goldie Locks line as it’s made specifically for extension hair & is jam packed with hydrating ingredients. 

Always use professional products including sulfate-free shampoo, leave in conditioner & treat with a deep conditioning treatment once per week. When applying heat, always use a heat protectant.

It’s best t avoid swimming in chlorinated pools or salt water. If swimming cannot be avoided, rinse first with tap water, then apply a leave-in conditioner. Braid hair tightly before swimming to avoid excessive tangles. Blondes, pay special attention to rinsing your hair after the pool as well. Chlorine and other chemicals can discolor your blonde hair.

As with natural hair color, extensions can begin to fade with excessive exposer to the sunlight. I recommend wearing some type of UV protection when possible such as a hat or quality products with built in UV protection.

Avoid using any sunscreens with Avobenzone, particularly with blonde hair as it will turn the extension hair a peachy-pink color.

Always avoid sleeping with wet hair. Your hair is at it’s most fragile state when wet so any friction or pulling will cause damage to both your natural hair as well as extensions. Additionally, it is best to loosely braid or twist hair before bed to avoid tangling/matting.

I highly reccomend investing in a silk pillowcase as well! It will change your life! Seriously. 

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